ECONOMICS: EBT — the hidden soup lines

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First of all, if there were soup lines, the corporate media would just ignore them. If they don’t report it, then it isn’t happening. Secondly, the soup lines are electronic, as the government downloads the “soup” onto EBT cards so JP Morgan can reap billions in fees to run the SNAP program. Just because there are no pictures of starving downtrodden Americans in shabby clothes waiting in soup lines, doesn’t mean the majority of Americans aren’t experiencing a depression.

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Long-term discouraged workers were defined out of official existence in 1994. If you stop looking for a job because there are no jobs available, the BLS pretends you no longer exist and you are dropped from their unemployment calculations. John Williams at Shadowstats rightfully adds these discouraged workers, who are willing to work, back into the calculation and surprise, surprise, the real unemployment rate in this country has been between 18% and 23% for the last seven years. Those rates are identical to the worst years of the Great Depression.

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So what will it take to “make America great again”?

Well, they always say the first step to solving a problem is to admit you have one!

And, imho, “we” have several!

(1) honest money;

(2) Crony Capitalism;

(3) the FED;

(4) the warfare / welfare state; and

(5) the Gooferment Skrules.

None are easy to solve if we don’t have any moral, ethical, or personal backbone!


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