TINFOILHAT: Doesn’t TWA800 deserve scrutiny?


June 22, 2016
Jack Cashill’s TWA 800: Time to Reopen the Investigation
By Roger Aronoff

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This July marks the 20th anniversary of the crash. Yet the media continue their virtual blackout, failing to ask questions as to whether this was a terrorist incident or a naval exercise gone wrong. Last year the anniversary of the flight’s demise was greeted, at most, with local media reports. It remains to be seen whether this year the mainstream media will take seriously the deaths of the 230 people on board that flight.

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One has to ask some serious questions about the Gooferment version. Like why did they have to “cook the books” on the various witness statements?

If that is suspect, then there are only two logical explanations:

   (1) the Navy did it; OR

   (2) the terrorists did it.

I’d almost that the Navy did it by accident. At least, that would NOT have the implications that terrorists did it.

So, if it was terrorism, then why not repeat it?

Maybe they can’t. Maybe the Gooferment has taken steps to protect against it. Maybe they are just saving it as part of a larger plan.


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