GOVEROTRAGEOUS: US foreign policy make terrorism

A View On Orlando You Won’t Hear in The Mainstream Media
By Jason Stapleton –  Jun 13, 2016

It’s a struggle to talk about an event like the Orlando massacre. I mean, it would be easy if I just followed one pre-approved philosophical line. I could blame radical Islam, and certainly there is plenty of room for that. I could blame guns since it’s such an easy target. What you can’t do though is suggest our own actions may have been a contributing factor to the events this weekend.

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Jason made some great points:

  • Guns are not the issue. Although the talking heads have demonstrated that they know nothing about firearms (e.g., “gunshot loophole”; 700 rounds per minutes; “assault weapon”).
  • It was a gun free zone!
  • It’s not about gay rights. 
  • The police waited 4 hours to assault the nightclub. It’s a miracle that even more people didn’t die when you gave the bad guy all that time.
  • The guy was an American citizen who was investigated twice. His coworkers at the SECURITY firm say he was radicalized. So what are the background checks checking?
  • The US foreign policy is provoking the angry response. 

We need to have a serious conversation about the intrusive Gooferment interference in our everyday lives.

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