LIBERTARIAN: Voting is a waste of time — most of the time

Ep. 679 Voting: Yes or No?
10th June 2016
Tom Woods

Michael Malice and I discuss the merits and demerits of voting — a contentious subject among libertarians. Although Michael is wrong as usual, it’s still fun to talk to him.

About the GuestMichael Malice is an author and celebrity ghostwriter. He is also a frequent guest on Kennedy on the FOX Business Network.

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Tom makes a good point that the R’s in general put up better Supreme Court Justice than the D’s general do.

But OTOH Michael points out that you are wasting your time and won’t change anything.

A hard question, but I don’t need a black and white answer. I’ll just pick and chose my battles. 

“Can’t spend yourself rich or vote yourself free.” — Michael Malice, 2016, celebrity ghostwriter

“If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” ― often incorrectly attributed to American humorist Mark Twain ― but very very true imho!

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