LIBERTARIAN: What Tom Woods Told the Libertarian Party’s National Convention

Ep. 671 What I Told the Libertarian Party’s National Convention
31st May 2016
Tom Woods

What’s the best way forward for the Libertarian Party? There’s some pretty strong medicine in this one, especially toward the end. Key point: product differentiation. We’re not 30% different from Republicans and Democrats. We’re certainly not “fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” So what are we? And how should we spread the message? Juicy stuff here, I promise.

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Economic progress eliminated child labor; not Gooferment “laws”.

As usual, the Gooferment politicians and bureaucrats see the parade passing them by and then run to get to the front and pretend to be “leading”.

The leftist do gooders signed petitions to eliminate “child labor” in Bangladesh. The result documented by a latter study was that children starved to death or they were force into child prostitution. 

Great result!

Listen to Tom illustrate why “libertarians” are uniquely qualified to lead the way.

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