POLITICAL: How should Libertarians vote in the upcoming Presidential election


Hillary, Bernie, Donald, Gary: A Libertarian Perspective
By Walter E. Block
June 4, 2016

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I am glad you asked. Here is the plan. In states where either Clinton or Trump is leading by a wide margin, vote for, support Johnson. Trump either does not need our backing there or, it will do him little or no good in any case if he gets it. However, in purple states such as Florida or Ohio, in which the polls indicate a virtual tie between Mr. Pretty Good and Mrs. Evil, then and only then pile on in behalf of Donald. He will need every bit of sustenance we can give him on such occasions. Who to support financially? Both. Let us hedge our bets.

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Sounds like a plan!

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One Response to POLITICAL: How should Libertarians vote in the upcoming Presidential election

  1. Yes, quite reasonable. I hope they are getting that idea out more widely. They need to be careful what states they consider “solid” because there will be so many conflicting/confounding factors affecting turnout and choice if it’s HC vs. DT though. Things will be VERY unpredictable. E.G. How many women or liberal males will be willing to pass up a chance to vote for the first female president? Or how many smokers will remember Hilary’s banning smoking from the White House and still be ticked off about it? Or how many will be voting for Hilary simply because they fear Trump is too unpredictable himself? Or will vote against Hilary because they fear a misogynistic Putin or Kim Jong-un will see her as weak and end up starting WW3 because of that mistake. How many will turn out in droves for the strongest “male figure” we’ve had running for president in quite a while? How many will confuse that perception of strength with a perception that it would translate into war? (Personally I think Hilary is a much more dangerous figure in terms of sliding us into a nuclear war for several reasons.)

    So Florida and Ohio may not be the “all important keys” that they’ve been in the last few elections.

    Still, his overall advice in the very secure states makes excellent sense!

    – MJM

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