SURVIVAL: This super experienced guy goes … and nearly dies!

TV crew saves castaway after spotting him on deserted island: ‘He was ready to die’ 
Inside Edition JOHANNA LI
Apr 19th 2016 5:44AM

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Shearman said that the man, whom they later learned was named Tremine, was out fishing one day when he decided to venture off his boat in search of better oysters. He was told that the Sir Edward Pellew Group of Islands was only inhabited by a small aboriginal group, and would be a more interesting area to fish.

Tremine, a roofer from Borroloola in northern Australia, is an experienced hobby fisherman and often takes short camping or fishing trips. But he didn’t anticipate the conditions that day. Shearman said Tremine told him that he left his boat and took a wrong turn after a couple hours of digging for oysters.

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After 60 hours without water, this guy was a mess and near death.

How many of the ‘survival rules’ did he break!

Maybe they should be codified so that we “experts” don’t fall afoul of them?

First rule, is remember “Murphy’s Law”. And, it’s like the Law of Gravity. It’s always operational.

It’s a dangerous world out there and puny naked humans shouldn’t forget that ONE FACT!

He was almost a “Darwin Award” nominee; let’s not have others!

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