GOVERNACIDE: Aghh, bureaucrats are just that!

The bureaucrats did a “great” job!

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One Response to GOVERNACIDE: Aghh, bureaucrats are just that!

  1. Very depressing amount of racism in the after-story comments. Although the fact that they’d been arrested SEVEN TIMES PREVIOUSLY for crimes including grand theft auto speaks to a real problem overall.

    I left the following:

    Davidfair wrote, “What did these girls expect to eventually would happen? They would steal a car, drive without headlights, out run the cops…predictable events that ended with predictable results”

    Predictable? If you haven’t noticed, there’s a multimillion dollar campaign to stop showing even a glimpse of a cigarette in a movie because it will supposedly lead teens to smoke. Meanwhile movies are **FILLED** with wild car chases where everyone walks away happy even if the cars are flipped through the air for hundreds of feet and left a smoldering wreck.

    Of COURSE teens think it’s OK to have high-speed chases! No one ever gets hurt in them, right? (Unless maybe there’s some thirdhand smoke left in the cars that they steal?)

    How many REAL people with REAL bodies get injured and killed in movie-inspired wild chases every year while we’re using our tax dollars to protect their eyes from glimpse of a wisp of smoke?

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