MONEY: Sovereign Debt Threat

Sovereign Debt Threatens New Global Depression
By Jason Stapleton –  Apr 13, 2016

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Today we’re going to have a critical discussion about something you won’t hear about in the news. I’ve been tracking several issues that will likely have a direct impact on your life over the coming months and years. We start in Japan.

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Review your history lessons about the Weimar Republic! 

And just think about the the current 18T+ national debt and the guesstimated 200T+ in unfunded liabilities that our posterity will have to deal with!


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2 thoughts on “MONEY: Sovereign Debt Threat

  1. Unfortunately, I agree about HRC. I supported Ron — still have his bumper sticker on my car — because we’d have peace and fiscal discipline. Trump at least nods to non-involvement in the Mid East. Dona Nobis Pacem

  2. John, I was thinking of the Weimar Republic four years ago when I was pushing for Ron Paul rather than Obama. I said that another four years of Obama could land us into voting for a Hitler in 2016.

    Trump isn’t quite a Hitler but he’s a lot closer than anyone would have expected.

    If Hillary gets elected this time I don’t even want to THINK about what we’ll see in the 2020 elections. The reaction could be truly disastrous.


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