SOFTWARE: “rm -rf”

Man accidentally ‘deletes his entire company’ with one line of bad code‘
I feel sorry to say that your company is now essentially dead,’ one person on a coding forum advised Marco Marsala
Andrew Griffin @_andrew_griffin 15 minutes  ago

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A man appears to have deleted his entire company with one mistaken piece of code.

By accidentally telling his computer to delete everything in his servers, hosting provider Marco Marsala has seemingly removed all trace of his company and the websites that he looks after for his customers.

Mr Marsala wrote on a forum for server experts that he was now stuck after having accidentally run destructive code on his own computers. But far from advising them how to fix it, most experts informed him that he had just accidentally deleted the data of his company and its clients, and in so doing had probably destroyed his entire company with just one line of code.

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So where are your backups?

I don’t care what type of User you are. I don’t care if you are a “corporate drone”. I don’t care if you just “play games”. I don’t care if you just use your computer or your phone for notes. 

Where are your backups?

When the computer flames, the service provider goes bust, or the Gooferment shuts you down … …

… … … what will you do?

“Corporate drones” think they are protected by a corporate system. What happens if it just loses YOUR specific work? How’s your annual appraisal going to look?

“Gamers” can just rebut all their games and replay for hours to get where they are today.

“Note takers” can just “forget” every note they’ve taken.


Wake up people.

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