POLITICAL: Legalization is the cure for Heroin


The Legalization Cure for the Heroin Epidemic
By Mark Thornton
March 29, 2016

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The problem of the epidemic rests with two causes. The first is the War on Drugs which creates profit incentives in the black market for the distribution of the most dangerous drugs. The second is the pharmaceutical-medical-FDA complex, or Big Pharma, which profits from treating pain with dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

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Third, in a free market, drugs like heroin would be produced and sold on a commercial basis. It would be a standardized product(s) and companies that sold dangerous and addictive products would do so under several legal constraints, such as liability and negligence law.

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With drug legalization, the number of overdose deaths would plummet and tens of thousands of families would not have their lives ruined every year.

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I’d add that the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” incentivizes the Gooferment to keep the current status quo. 

The “forfeiture laws” provide a huge incentive to the police. And let’s not forget all the profits and employment in the justice / prison industry.


It’s a medical problem that can be addressed by letting Walmart become the nation’s “drug dealer”.

Let see a drug ring make a profit competing with Walmart. Hasn’t happened yet to Sears, Kmart, Target, Pennys, or any number of small Mom and Pop stores.

Since Walmart doesn’t sell porn or even cigarettes or booze to youngsters, we can be sure that they won’t sell “drugs” to children. And, I bet it’ll be like eyeglasses, they’ll offer medical services to addict to kick the habits. 

Can you see how “un-cool” drugs will become if they are available fro Walmart? Kids wouldn’t be caught by their peers with them. Might as well wear Walmart jeans to the Gooferment Skrule!

It’s a medical problem that the free market will demolish in no time.


Then the Gooferment can focus on the real criminals — politicians and bureaucrats!

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