RANT: Libertarians For Trump



Libertarians For Trump

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First, in the words of my friend and mentor Ralph Raico (who writes to refute the notion that only the uneducated can support Mr. Trump, and who soon afterward joined me and Dr. Miller as the third founding member of LFT): “My friend Walter Block, who has a Columbia doctorate and is a college professor, has started a support group, Libertarians for Donald Trump. I’m a Chicago Ph.D. and retired college prof, and I’ve joined Walter’s cabal of the intellectually deficient. We are happy to join with legions of our fellow Americans who aren’t university educated but–isn’t it obvious?–are still capable of displaying common sense. Personally, my main reason for endorsing Trump and praying for his victory is his opponent. The Queen of Chaos would be the most dangerous person ever to fill the office of president. Quite aside from the colossal corruption of the Clinton crime family, I believe she would push Putin to a nuclear confrontation.”

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As I have said before and write on this blog, maybe Trump can give us a saner foreign policy.

ALL of the “establishment candidates” won’t.

So what do we have to lose.

Maybe I’m an “April Fool”, but seems worth a try?

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