POLITICAL: The prettiest horse at the glue factory in terms of foreign policy


Moderators and Candidates Make Direct Hits on Trump: Lew and Tom Discuss Another Debate
By Thomas E. Woods Jr.
Tom Woods Show
March 5, 2016

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In last night’s debate (March 3, 2016), Trump suffered blows at the hands of moderators and candidates alike, and didn’t respond well. 

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Good point by Tom Woods about the “open letter” hit on Trump by all the “experts” (ex spurts) and where their advice and expenditures have delivered us. Hell in a handbasket with all that “great” advice. Argh!

If life was fair, then the politicians, bureaucrats, and experts that give us these massive failures would slink silently into the shadows and be quiet. But like certain economists, weather forecasters, and groundhogs, that have no shame when they are obviously WRONG, these same losers prattle even louder about what should be done.

While I am not a fan of any politician or political party, I do think, that Trump’s modest statements on “foreign policy” (i.e., leave Putin alone; the USA should not be in foreign wars; let’s take care of our vets), makes him, like the US dollar, the “prettiest horse at the glue factory”.

While all these dictators around the world are very bad people, who’s to say that getting rid of them will make things better. We have classic examples in Iraq, Libya, and Egypt. And, now the warmongers of both parties — HRC and the Republican New-Cons — want to try again in Syria. What a mess!

And, let’s not forget our crazy old man the “democratic socialist” who is advocating for the system that exterminated millions under Stalin, Mao, and many other examples. How he has any support at all is a testament to the lure of “free cheese”.


The whole system is INSANE. 

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