GUNS: Guns and selfies don’t mix

Man taking selfies with gun fatally shoots himself, police say

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In Concrete, Washington, a 43-year-old man and his girlfriend were taking selfies while holding a gun.
Chief Chad Clark of the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to me that the couple had been taking the photos periodically throughout Sunday.

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Stupidity abounds.

Add in a gun and the results are obvious.

First rule of firearms safety is that “every gun is loaded”. Even if you just “cleared” it, then you still ALWAYS keep it pointed in a safe direction.

It’s a tool. 

And, for the same reason one doesn’t juggle running chainsaws, you don’t do stupid things with a gun!


Make life hard for responsible gun owners.

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One Response to GUNS: Guns and selfies don’t mix

  1. That myth about it being dangerous to juggle running chain saws needs to be debunked. My buddy, One Hand Luke, is gonna make a movie debunking it someday.


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