INSPIRATIONAL: Peyton Manning — hero or villain

Narratives, Nonsense, and Media-Driven Character Assassination: The Manning Saga Continues
By William L. Anderson
February 22, 2016

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Let us step back and look at the big picture. Two weeks ago, Peyton Manning achieved what no one believed was possible just a few months ago. He was badly injured and was benched for backup Brock Osweiler, and most observers had concluded that Manning was finished.

When Manning’s injuries had healed enough for him to return to practice, he took snaps with the scout team, which also is known as a “practice squad” or the “taxi squad.” (These are players who are not on the roster and do not play in games. Their purpose is to help the players on the regular team get ready for games.

Many quarterbacks, and especially future hall-of-famers, would have refused such duty and would have wreaked havoc with the coaching staff. Manning quietly did what was needed, even though such a demotion would have been truly humiliating. However, in the last regular-season game against the San Diego Chargers, Osweiler faltered and Manning came in and led his team to victory.

He then played all the snaps for the two playoff games and the Super Bowl. Manning, who at 39 is the oldest quarterback ever to have won a Super Bowl, was not spectacular and he certainly was not the Peyton Manning of even two years ago, but the Denver Broncos won and that was all that mattered. At least then.

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I’m not sure I’ve seen or heard enough to convict the man of anything other than some bad commercials.

The “media” certainly doesn’t have as much credibility as he does.

So, until there’s some “evidence”, it’s innocent until PROVEN guilty. 

And, not by some witch hunt in the media.

Although, the National Enquirer did unmask John Edwards and TMZ did the same for Ray Rice and some other woman beaters.

So there is an investigative media out there; it’s just not in the mainstream newspapers or TV.


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