MONEY: A Monetary Gadfly

Thank you from BVNH

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

Thank you for your wonderful emails and your continued support. While I am disappointed we didn’t “change the money – change the country,” I am humbled by your kind words of support and sheer joy that I am not going to prison. I hope to review all my emails and reply to your questions and suggestions as soon as time permits.

Meanwhile, you may wish to share the main points raised in the Wall Street Journal editorial by Seth Lipsky just the day before I was sentenced: “A Monetary Gadfly in an Age of Fiat Money” and his excellent editorial “Beyond Bernard von NotHaus” in the New York Sun published the day after I was sentenced. Both are very well written and should be of interest to your local news sources.
I wish to express a very special thanks to Noell Tin, Fred Williams and Tom Ashcraft, the very competent and dedicated team of attorneys who represented me at the Sentencing Hearing and GATA for their outstanding support and posting Seth Lipsky’s WSJ.

Please remember that it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency that provides us with “just weights and measures” that we will be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor

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Well, at least, he didn’t go to prison.

Like anyone would confuse fiat valueless tokens for the Liberty Dollar “medallions”!

Or their “warehouse receipts” for the Federal Reserve System’s “toilet paper”.

What is a “dollar” these days?

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One thought on “MONEY: A Monetary Gadfly

  1. Speaking of Liberty Dollars… I always like to pass on kudos when a merchant/official goes above and beyond, and I just wanted to note that I recently had a **VERY** positive string of help/communications/transactions when I was helping a friend with a purchase of silver coins of various types from Coins are a bit more expensive per ounce than bars as investments, but they’re pretty, handier in a Zombie Apocalypse, and generally sell at a premium similarly above spot metal price — so the extra investment isn’t really “lost.” SGB has bars too.

    One important note: Do *NOT* try to be “polite” by changing a wire transfer into Canadian dollars if you make a purchase. LOL! It gets **TOTALLY** balled up with differing exchange and market rates etc between the time of your online order and the time when you actually make the payment from a bank. My recommendation: ditch Wire Transfers and just go with PayPal for such transactions: it’s well worth the 2% charge difference unless you’re talking multi-thousands in the purchase.

    – MJM

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