GAMBLING: Lottery retailers “win”

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NJ Lottery probing report of frequent wins by retailers
By Townsquare News Staff
December 8, 2014 4:56 PM

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Half of New Jersey’s 20 most frequent state lottery winners are either licensed sellers of lottery tickets or their family members, according to an investigative report by the Asbury Park Press.The report, based on the newspaper’s review of lottery wins claimed since 2009, is being looked into by the New Jersey Lottery, which acknowledges similar patterns have drawn its own scrutiny.

The suspicion under investigation is that these “lucky” retailers are purchasing the winning tickets of people whose “child support judgments taxes or other governmental debts” would swallow their winnings if they cashed the tickets themselves, the newspaper reported. As a consequence, they’re willing to transfer their winning tickets to the sellers in return for something like 80 cents on the dollar.

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Or they examine every “loser”. 

Or they cheat the winners.

Or, in the case of scratch offs, they know when a game is “overdue”.

They have advantages!

Separation of Gambling and State!

Remember when the lottery was to pay for education?


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INSPIRATIONAL: Want your own country?

Life and style Experience
Experience: I founded my own country

Renato Barros
Friday 14 November 2014 09.00 EST

As told to Jennifer Lucy Allan

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In 1903, the Portuguese government didn’t have enough money to build a harbour port, so the king sold the land to a wealthy British family, the Blandys, who make Madeira wine. Fourteen years ago the family decided to sell it for just €25,000 (£19,500). It was of no use to them. But nobody else wanted to buy it either. I met Blandy at a party, and he told me about Pontinha. He asked if I’d like to buy the island. Of course I said yes, but I have no money – I am just an art teacher.

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I love this. 

Why can’t we all have our “own countries”?


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