POLITICAL: “No room at the inn”


Ending The Invisibility Of Homelessness
by Kevin F. Adler

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Last night in San Francisco, 6436 of our neighbors slept on the streets or in shelters.

The lack of affordable, safe, and supportive housing is a scourge on society. It costs $90K to maintain a human being on the streets for a year, compared to $18K to provide supportive housing to a previously homeless person. Over the last 10 years, an influx of 75,000 people have moved to San Francisco, while only 17,000 new housing units have been built.

We can end chronic homelessness by 2020 by providing affordable, safe, and supportive housing options to the homeless and by electing representatives who will fight for housing as a basic human need.

But providing support means understanding that the needs of the homeless extend beyond housing.

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I empathize with the plight, and I blame the Gooferment for it.

Between “rent control”, zoning, and welfare, the Gooferment has created the problem.

Add to that the deinstitutionalizing of vast numbers of the mentally ill and breaking the promise to provide “community support”, Gooferment made the problem worse.

Throw in the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” and the mess is complete.

Gooferment drove out the “charity” in our hearts by taking over and providing the “safety net”, which is more like a trap.


Separation of Charity and State is the answer. That and rolling back the diktats of the State that make house unaffordable. 

In word, the Gooferment isn’t helping.

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