POLITICAL: Eminent Domain is abused by politicians and bureaucrats


City To Bulldoze 350 Working Class Homes To Build Fancy Stores – Thanks To Federal Funds
Written by: Daniel Jennings  Current Events
November 5, 2014

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An Indiana city is planning to use eminent domain to bulldoze a 74-year-old neighborhood to make way for a real estate development.The city of Charlestown wants to demolish 354 homes for new residential development, and it would pay for it with federal funds.

Charlestown’s city council has declared the entire neighborhood of Pleasant Ridge — where some families have owned homes for more than 40 years — “blighted.” By using that term, it can throw out the mostly working class residents and tear down their homes to make way for new retail and residential development.

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“Eminent Domain” was never intended to allow politicians and bureaucrats to be in the Real Estate business.

“Blighted” is a loaded term.

Transient my <synonym for donkey>!


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