GOVEROTRAGEOUS: “Amateur” student athletes

Scholar-Athlete Charade
By Walter E. Williams
November 4, 2014

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Let’s look at the motivation for this gross academic fraud. If you said follow the money, go to the head of the class. UNC’s basketball team generates $20 million in profits for the university. Football generates $22 million. Basketball and football coaches are paid salaries in excess of $2 million. The only way a university can pay those salaries and generate that kind of revenue is to assemble a winning team. That means many universities are more interested in an athlete’s playing skills than in his academic skills. In other words, whether a student can read, write and compute means little compared with whether he can slam-dunk a basketball or make touchdowns.

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Gooferment Skrules are a national disgrace.

We should separate Gooferment from all sorts of things that it shouldn’t be involved in.

Church, Education, etc. etc. etc.

How did “We, The Sheeple” ever allow the Federal Gooferment to take on a life of its own.

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