GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Corporatist Sports Scam Olympic

The Olympics: The Biggest Corporatist Sports Scam of All
By Ryan McMaken
November 1, 2014

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The 2022 Olympics (i.e., the Winter Games) is now down to only two applicant nations: China and Kazakhstan. This follows the withdrawal of Norway after the taxpayers of Norway balked on ponying up the cash necessary to make the Olympics a playground for the world’s richest cronies and politicians.

Theoretically, the Olympics are a private organization, but in practice, it is a corporatist organization run by plutocrats whose mission in life is apparently to squeeze as much tax revenue as possible out of the residents of the countries and cities that host the Olympics. This is done by demanding the usual brand-spanking new stadiums and facilities from the host cities that later become white elephants. But the IOC also demands countless perks for itself, such as only the finest food and drink, and special driving lanes on streets and highways. (See photos of the abandoned Olympics facilities in Athens.)

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Talk about malinvestment, the “Olympics” takes the cake.

But “We, The Sheeple” still buy into it.

And, the Taxpayers pay for it.

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