GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Police misconduct

Posted on October 28, 2014 by keywestlou

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Everyone takes photos. The cell phone has opened a new era of fun for all. Many persons exchange nude pics of themselves. Not a good thing!

A young lady was arrested on a DUI charge in California. While being booked, a police officer went through her cell phone pics. He removed her nude pics. The cell phone had nothing to do with the charge or arrest. The police officer showed the pics to other police officers.

Turns out a number of police officers at the station did the same thing. They referred to it as a “game.” Another example of police power abuse.

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Petrone, Louis S. “Key West Lou” (MC1957) is a fellow alum. 

A liberal lawyer.

It’s amazing to find him critical of the police.

In this case, this is police misconduct pure and simple.

Clearly, the search of the cell phones is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Immediately, the cops should be dismissed.

As well as ALL of the immediate supervisors. (When I was on Wall Street, my people = my problem. I either knew and didn’t act or I didn’t know and should have. Both were equally bad. “bye bye. that’s for trying out with the varsity. U LOSE!)


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