TINFOILHAT: 42 percent—are still “unsure”


Four In Ten Bostonians Skeptical Of Official Marathon Bombing Account
By James Henry on Jul 10, 2014

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A recent poll conducted by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense team, part of an effort to force a change of venue for his trial, found that a majority of Bostonians—58 percent—are already convinced the accused Marathon bomber is “definitely guilty.”

That may be persuasive to the presiding judge. But what’s perhaps more interesting is that the poll found a sizable number of Boston residents—42 percent—are still “unsure,” indicating that even the population with the closest proximity to the April 15, 2013, act of terrorism still harbor doubts about the “official” version of events.

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And finally, the public has never seen the alleged video footage of Dzhokhar planting his backpack at the scene of the second explosion. What we have seen are grainy videos that show the brothers on Boylston St. carrying backpacks—like hundreds of other spectators that day.

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To quote one America’s premiere justices:

“I wouldn’t believe you, if your tongue came notarized.” … attributed to Judge Marilyn Milian, but may have an earlier history.

“Official” stories are usually spin, propaganda, and outright lies.

When will the Sheeple wake up and demand the truth?

“I want the truth. I demand the truth. I’m entitled to the TRUTH!” “I’ll give you the truth. “Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. … Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.” Colonel Jessep in A Few Good Men played by Jack Nicholson

In the 60’s, “question authority” was dogma. What happened to that today?

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One thought on “TINFOILHAT: 42 percent—are still “unsure”

  1. “In the 60’s, “question authority” was dogma. What happened to that today?”

    Very true, and very sad. I run into this problem all the time in the smoke-banning arguments: “Every responsible authority says thus ‘n so, so who are YOU to question them?” And, as I memorialize on the Brains T-Shirt: “Why Would They Lie To Us?”

    I think part of the answer for the instant willingness to trust authority and to give more and more power to larger and larger government entities, comes from an unconsciously felt “only solution” to the ultimate fear of global nuclear war. We NEED to feel we can “Trust The Government” because the consequences of a fallible authority are just too horrible to imagine. John, you and I and others born in the 40s and 50s had no escape from that fear and part of our learning to live with it was to reject authority, rebel against it, and party like there was no tomorrow — because we knew there was a decent chance that there WAS no tomorrow.

    For those born in the 80s and 90s though, the “Wall Has Come Down” and a salvation from imminently impending death has been seen in the desire to believe that we really CAN trust “Authority” to act in our interest and do what is best for us and keep us safe from enemies external and internal….

    And in return, as long as we live “correctly” and listen to those authorities…. we’ll live forever.

    They’re gonna be sad someday when they die of nothing at all, eh?

    – MJM

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