POLITICAL: Domino’s indoctrination


What is Domino’s Pizza Doing in Our Schools?
Alex A. Kecskes
July 4, 2014
1:30 pm

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A Pie with a Pitch

The new “healthier” pizza also came with a hefty marketing pitch for the Domino’s brand. The company delivers its pizzas directly to schools. So their trucks, employee uniforms, insulated boxes and lunch-line placards ubiquitously brand the company’s red-and-blue logo into young impressionable student minds. Nutritionists fear this on-campus branding primes students to head for Domino’s after school or on weekends to devour its regular non-USDA pizza (Domino’s says it has no plans to sell the Smart Slice in shops).

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Over and above my problem with the Gooferment Skrules concept, this smacks of Crony Capitalism!

And, if the children are exposed and indoctrinated into “corporate branding” throughout their youth, then how can they have “free will”?


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