IDEA: Cemetery mapping drone

I’m not a big fan of cemeteries. 

In the last year, I have been to two.

Both times, fining a specific grave was hard and frustrating.

Even the “find a grave” website will only tell you that a grave exists, not exactly where it is.

If I was younger, then I’d develop a drone that would survey a grave year and establish a directory of locations.

Sounds like a fascinating use of technology to solve a problem. 

Now I am sure that most people visiting a cemetery know where they are going.

BUT, not everyone. 

In my last visit, I went at the behest of a far away son who wanted a flag on his Dad’s grave. But he could only describe the location as “the back left corner on the right side of the road”. I looked but couldn’t find it.

So I placed it on a Private’s grave who didn’t have a flag.

Hope that was “good enough”.

I’ll go back when the office is open and get the location. 


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