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Verizon Discontinuing Personal Web Space

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Anyone else get the email today? No great loss :p —————— IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR PERSONAL WEB SPACE SERVICE Dear Valued Verizon Customer, At Verizon, we strive to keep you informed of changes that may impact your Verizon online experience. That’s why we wanted to notify you that as of March 15, 2014, the Site Builder tool and the online Personal Web Space pages will be decommissioned. – You will continue to be able to view any web pages you created until September 30, 2014, but will not be able to create new pages, update or make any changes to existing pages after March 15, 2014 – If you currently pay for additional Web Space, this charge will be automatically removed from your account after March 15, 2014 when your online Personal Web Space service is decommissioned – Customers who purchased VerizonYourDomain to establish a personal website/domain are not impacted by this change – If you have previously used the Site Builder tool to create your own web page(s) you may un-publish or delete your content by taking the following steps: – Log into your account at – Navigate to Accounts and Services/My Services/Internet Click – Security & Free Tools/Manage Click – Personal Web Space Click – Actions/Edit My Website Click – Advanced Options icon in the bottom right corner of the screen Under Site Options Select Unpublish/Delete/Copy Site or Download Site Please Note: All Web Space pages will be permanently deleted as of September 30, 2014. While you cannot directly transfer your website to another provider or use any stock images from Site Builder , you may be able to download the images that you originally uploaded by clicking on the “Download Site” link within the Advanced Options setting. If you are looking for an alternative provider to host your domain and website, you may contact directly at 855-852-5186 for information on their services and pricing. Thank you for your continued use of Verizon services. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve you. Sincerely, Your Verizon Team

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And why do you believe the ISPs?

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