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The incredible mile-long floating CITY – complete with schools, a hospital, parks and an airport for its 50,000 residents

The Freedom Ship is 25 storeys high and would feature a casino, an art gallery, a park and a shopping centre

The concept, designed by a Florida-based company would cost $10billion if was commissioned to be built

The vessel could house 50,000 people but it would contain additional space to hold an extra 30,000 visitors

The ship would constantly sail around the world – doing a full circuit every two years – but would be too large to enter any ports

PUBLISHED: 07:21 EST, 28 November 2013 | UPDATED: 12:43 EST, 28 November 2013

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Capacity: 50,000 permanent residents with room for an extra 30,000 daily visitors, 20,000 crew and 10,000 overnight guests.

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If it can never dock (due to its size)?

… … then how do you keep it supplied? (The average cruise ship spends a lot of time being resupplied?)

… … then how do you do annual maintenance? (Seems like a big chore?)

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