FUN: Movie AMERICAN HUSTLE — recommended

AMERICAN HUSTLE — recommended

Interesting plot, but the two girls steal the show. AA for the sex that just exudes thru the screen JL for a yeoman’s job at taking a small part and stealing the show. This movie actually made me feel sorry for the politicians. That’s a powerful statement since they are like used car salesmen. Worth the price.

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LIBERTARIAN: Murder and restitution

Newark, Irvington Men Accused of Deadly Short Hills Mall Carjacking

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This is a difficult one for me being a little L libertarian.

One presumes that the Zero Aggression Principle is the operative “Golden Rule”.

So hence, I derive the corollary “No victim; no crime”.

And shortly after that: “Justice is restitution”.

If I accidentally injure you, I have to make things right. 

If I intentionally injure you, not only do I have to make it right, but there should be a penalty to ensure I don’t do it again. That’s why I like the concept of “punitive damages”. No better way to get people’s attention than to pile on. (“Now listen McDonalds, juries have been telling you that too many people are being injured by super hot coffee. Will a 16m$ judgment get your attention?” And, it did.)

After a while I came to the realization that the “death penalty” administered by a Gooferment court is too capricious and arbitrary. And, there’s nothing in the Constitution that permits this. So, the Gooferment shouldn’t be killing anyone unless they are preventing force or fraud on a citizen. Beside once they kill you, they can’t fix that mistake.

I can see a possible exception where someone is a convicted felon and they are too dangerous to keep around. Although there’s a lot of land in Alaska for the bad guys to try farming. 

Where my thinking (i.e., memes and paradigms) break down is in cases like this. Intentional, or even unintentionally, killing a fellow human being who has done nothing to you.

How do you make restitution in this case?

And, more importantly, how is the bad guy prevented from doing it again?

“Alaska farming” and if you go outside our “security zone”, then your “restraining collar” blows your head off.

So cases like this really stretch my little L libertarian meme.

Help me?

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