I take my inspiration from funny places.

This morning when I took my daily shower, I noticed that the the shower curtain was fraying at the bottom. 


Too badly to ignore.

(Our Girl loved the shower curtain. And, was looking for the identical replacement. Don’t know what it was but I hated to change it.)

So a while ago I bought a frivolous one to replace it, when I bought one for the new condo. For some reason, I only bought one set of hooks.

Later my excuse for not replacing “her” curtain was didn’t have hooks.

So then today, I said “hey, time to replace before you trip on it.” (TBBT: The lack of adhesive ducks with umbrellas!) 

So I counted the hooks on the old one and the holes on the new one.


Who decided how many hooks go on a shower curtain?

So no excuse, I replaced it.

Yeah for me.

Small steps slowly taken?

# – # – # – # – #   

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