INTERESTING: Cancer cure?

Is Cancer Being Cured Right Before Our Eyes?
Cancer Center In Japan Reports Startling Remissions Using Vitamin & Immunotherapy Regimen
by Bill Sardi

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The treatment team at the Saisei Mirai Clinic uses a combination of therapies that include (a) weekly Gc-MAF injections; (b) high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy twice a week; (c) oral alpha lipoic antioxidant supplementation 600 mg/day; (d) oral vitamin D3, 5000-10,000 IU/day.

“All of these therapies aim to strengthen and activate the immune system and take a holistic approach to fighting cancer rather than a localized approach that is common with conventional therapies such as radiation and surgery,” their report says.

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Could it be that Linus Pauling was right?

He asserted that much of humanity’s medical problems related to our inability to synthesize Vitamin C.

Since Vitamin C is a “cheap” supplement … about 4₵ a pill … one a day … and perhaps we have a medical revolution.

I’m sure the FDA and the AMA will be against it. Too cheap or too dangerous?


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