2 thoughts on “WRITING: Six word autobiography

  1. I wouldn’t try to restrict her choices on how to live her life. But for me, why sing up to inflict such a pain on someone else. Not that any 23 year old like Taylor Swift, @tswift13, will think I am her “soulmate”. But I wouldn’t want to be it. Because my exiting stsge left, I’d inflict pain on them. I told my soulmate that she was it, and I can live with that. Why inflict the pain of loss on anyone else? May not make sense, but it does to me. As far as “exploring”, the ROI is diminishing returns. We talked about it and she wasn’t able to budge me at that time. Even with her “things will change”. Nahhh, they really don’t! imho.

  2. John, something that’s good to think of sometimes is to try to reverse your positions: if you had passed away first, and were up there looking down at her, what would you want her to be feeling and doing? I’m sure the thing that will make her the happiest is if you pick up and blast off through the next twenty or thirty years of potential life *you* still may have left in front of you. Yes, losing her has left an enormous hole that you can’t avoid, but she wouldn’t want you to just sit at that hole for the rest of your own life: don’t forget that its there, but go on and keep exploring the territory out there!

    – Michael

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