FUN: Basement in my future?


There’s something wistful about a basement. I only remember two or three. In NYC apartment, they were disgusting. In my Grand Aunt’s country home, there was a store room of canned and jarred food. In my Air Force days, the Mom of the girl one of my friend’s was dating, was pantry store house of all array of things — neat, clean, and uber organized. Maybe I’ll have one when I eventually move to NH?

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One thought on “FUN: Basement in my future?

  1. FJohn, the “basement” in our building was pretty organized, each family had their own space where we stored baby carriages and such. Here’s one I wish we has back. We moved from Highbridge to Fordham in 1968. Beside the baby carriage were boxes (milk crates)of baseball cards and comic books dating back to late 40’s-early 50’s. My father said “you want that crap? If you don’t, its gonna be tossed”. It was an accumulation of mine and my two brothers, so it was up tome and I said “nah< what do I want with that stuff?" Bad decision, bad timing

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