GUNS: Use handguns to fight our way to a rifle

AR-15 Rifle – the King of Home Defense
by Paul Merkel

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When considering the defense of your home against intruders there are a few question you must ask yourself and realities you must face.

Before we delve into the hardware aspect, we need to engage in a very simple question and answer exercise. That is, what is our legitimately anticipated problem and what is the most practical and effective solution.

Tough Questions: What is the Threat?

First and foremost, when you consider protecting your home, what is the anticipated threat? Naturally, we are concerned with the stereotypical burglar, the lone criminal. Professional criminals will generally “burgle” your home when you are out. The most dangerous threat is what we’ll call the “home invasion”.

One, two, three or more armed vermin force their way into an occupied home intent on robbery, rape, and potentially murder. While rare, the threat is real enough to send chills down the spine of any home owner.

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My paternal grandmother had a rifle hung over her fireplace until she went into a nursing home in the late 60’s. When I asked her if it was loaded, she replied: “Weren’t no good if it weren’t!” I knew from other family members that she’d used it when she traveled the Oregon Trail.

So do we need such an attitude today.

Sad to say I think so.

The Liberalism and “Secular Progressive” society of post-WW2 has create a parasite class that has no fear. Caught and sent to prison, they come out with new criminal skills, physically stronger, and with a worse attitude than they went in with.

Every good man and woman should have access to Sam Colt’s equalizer!

Like the bumpersticker says: “When seconds count, the police are minutes away” and “You are your own First Responder”!

I have mine. I hope you have yours. Mostly I hope it’s like insurance and we all never need it.

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