INTERESTING: Seven thought-provoking questions you will ask at the end of your life | Impact Lab

Seven thought-provoking questions you will ask at the end of your life | Impact Lab: “1.  Am I proud of how I lived?”

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Easy one!

Sure, I never deliberately hurt anyone. I think I lived up to the expectations I set for myself. Met my promises head on. 

Could I have done more and better. Absotively!

Am I mad at myself for not do so? Yup!

Regrets? Doesn’t everyone?


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MONEY: 12 Cognitive Biases That Endanger Investors

Good thing I have a team. Otherwise, I’d be sitting, guarding my “pirate’s chest” of gold coins. I don’t know what bias being a Gold Bug is, but I have it bad. The thieves in DC are robbing us poor folk blind. And, what’s worse, folks are clueless. Argh!

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12 Cognitive Biases That Endanger Investors: “

Before Todd Harrison created Minyanville, he was an options trader at Morgan Stanley, eventually becoming President of Cramer Berkowitz, where he toiled as head trader at Jim Cramer’s hedge fund.

Todd has an excellent analysis of the various biases that endanger investors.

Here is the full list:

1. Confirmation Bias
2. In-Group Bias
3. Gambler’s Fallacy
4. Post-Purchase Rationalization
5. Neglecting Probability
6. Observational Selection Bias
7. Status-Quo Bias
8. Negativity Bias
9. Bandwagon Effect
10. Projection Bias
11. The Current Moment Bias
12. Anchoring Effect

Check out his explanation and descriptions here.



12 Cognitive Biases That Endanger Investors
Todd Harrison
Minyanville January 17, 2013

(Via The Big Picture.)