GUNS: Concealed carry SAVES LIVES

Published on Jul 22, 2012 by TheHealthRanger

This video reveals an astonishingly easy way to stop massacres in mere seconds. It requires:

* No police or 911.
* No taxpayer expense.
* Can be deployed anywhere.
* Begins working in as little as five seconds.
* Protects innocent lives

Spread the word: Concealed carry SAVES LIVES.

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Pure and simple!

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One thought on “GUNS: Concealed carry SAVES LIVES

  1. I dunno John. Somehow I don’t think I’d feel as comfortable in a bar at night if I knew a dozen folks were likely to be carrying guns. Heh, I *WAS* in a “cop bar” one night when four of them got into a wrestling match trying to take a gun away from one of them that they’d decided was too drunk to be carrying. Didn’t go back to THAT bar for a LONG time!

    – Michael

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