POLITICAL: Dead Old White Guys were smart!


Friday, February 26, 2010
More Senate disfunction
Hank Kalet

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Amending the U.S. Constitution to reconstitute the Senate would likely be impossible, however, because the compromise enshrined small-state power in the amendment process. But the Senate cannot continue to (mal)function the way it has.

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The Dead Old White Guys were afraid of the “mob”. They tried to throw road blocks into the “road to serfdom”, the path to perdition, or the fast lane to tyranny.

We mess with their grand design at our own peril. Their “weak president” has become a near dictator waging foreign wars of aggression at will without a declaration and expanding welfare by corruption with inter-generational theft. The direct election of senators has allowed unfunded federal mandates. The creation of the FED, a banking monopoly cartel, has allowed the budget deficit / national debt to explode. The “income tax” amendment has allowed the federal government to steal our wealth with ease. “Social security” has damaged the civil society in numerous ways — not the least of which was to create a slush fund for spending and stick the bill to future generations!

Argh, we need to go back to the ORIGINAL constitution and cut the gooferment down to a reasonable size to protect us from force or fraud and Nothing else. imho!

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