POLITICS: Debate reaction. Who cares what big gooferment wants!

I too listened to the debate. Who cares! Both are big gooferment interventionists. Neither understand that the ‘crisis’ is created by the gooferment — both sides have their hands int he mess up to their elbows. The D’s created Fannie and Freddie; they tax and spend. The R’s are not much better — they promised smaller and delivered bigger; they borrow and spend. Neither of them nderstand the problem starts with gooferment and ends there. The gooferment creates the problem and then rescues us from it. A plague on both their houses.

Only freedom and liberty can prevail in the long run. Force begets force. If I can’t convince you that something is a good idea, then maybe it isn’t. I have to be humble enough to accept that.

I won’t, can’t, force you to do what you don’t wnat to do. I’d like you to do the same for me. So take your government off my neck, please!

I don’t want to buy 80% of AIG. I’d like my tax money that was stolen back. I don’t want to pay for all the things you think are “good for me”. Let me keep my money and spend it on what I think is good for me. If I make mistakes, so be it. They are MY mistakes. Please don’t inflict YOUR mistakes on me.

Take a look at the little flash movie at http://www.isil.org/resources/introduction.swf becasue it says it better than I can.

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