POLITICS: What Sarah P does to the election, IMHO!

I have no like for either set of candidates. Force is force. Whether its the R’s tell in me what to do or the D’s telling me what to do, I still object to getting told what to do.

That being said, I think the media is missing the real wild card that Sarah P is.

In the USA, half the people don’t vote. Don’t blame them because voting doesn’t change squat.

Half of that no-voting half are women. If Sarah can bring out 5% of that 25% of self disenfranchised women. The election is OVER!

Of the voting half of the USA, it usually breaks 25% D, 16%R, and 9% swing.

Remember the Hilary inspired backlash? It is a concern that may be as much as 4%. The media keeps saying of that 4% “where are they going to go”. They don’t have to go anywhere. They just don’t have to NOT come out to vote.

Soooo, it could be a razor thin election.

That’s what SarahP does to the election!


Of course, I can root for every one to lose.

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One Response to POLITICS: What Sarah P does to the election, IMHO!

  1. Robin says:

    I’m not American but I’ve been following the election process in the States. I really feel sorry for Americans having to put up with a process that lasts almost 2 years before the actual voting. In the end, it’s a “popularity contest” that comes down to who can spend the most money. At least this time around there does appear to be major differences over the issues but how do you know who’s promises will be kept?

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