LINKEDIN: My “granfalloon” won a prize in the recent “group hug” about LinkedIn

May 13th, 2007
Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn – Prize Winners

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I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn Group Blogging Project, and especially the people who stepped up and donated over $4,000 in prizes. I was overwhelmed by your generosity. It enabled the start of what I hope will become a valuable resource for all LinkedIn users

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And I commented
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May 13, 2007 at 5:27 am

Thanks. It’s always nice to “win”, BUT I think the real winners are:

(1) all the people got new ideas;

(2) all the people who showed themselves to be the generous experts they are; AND

(3) YOU for creating a new paradigm. (I call it “rally a group hug” with prizes.)

Even a grizzled big fat old turkey, like me, learned some “new tricks”, as well as some interesting new ideas.

Only time will tell if those ideas “were actioned”, but they are out there forever for the taking.

And, in some sense, there are future readers who have “won” by having a “blazed path” to follow in exploiting LinkedIn.

Thanks for pulling this together. Do it again next month? :-)

p.s., Is there a “wining” logo? (Yeah, I know. What an ego!)

# # # # #

But I was really hoping my “dog” would be awarded “best in show”! I thought it was one of my best posts. And I was hoping for a kool logo. But, I’m a “winner”. ;-) And I can make my own medal.


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