JOBSEARCH: Still amazes me how many people use their employer’s email

I am always amazed how people use their employer’s email for “jobsearch”.

For example, LINKEDIN.

If you suddenly become a newly minted turkey (i.e., get nuked from your current job), then do you really want your LinkedIn account tied to your old employer’s email address?

I’d suggest “no” is the answer to that one.

Also, but slightly less passionately, just slightly, I would assert that you don’t want your ISP to control your email.

There’s a reason they give you and your family free email and it’s not for your benefit because they are “nice guys”. Account control! You can’t easily change ISPs if they have control of “your” email address. Intelligent Designer forbid, you can even use their “free” webspace to put your content under their control. That’s another barrier to changing.

(It’s really bad if your employer is your isp. But, that’s a different discussion.)

Nope, I suggest that you buy your own domain and hang your email off that.

If you really want to use your ISP’s email, you CAN forward the email from your domain email at the WSP to your ISP email account. BUT, I suggest that you “route” all your email thru “your” email account at the WSP.

Don’t give anyone a chance to lock you in. Buy internet access from your ISP. Buy webspace from any reputable WSP.

[Mine is 1and1 and disclaimer I get a pittance if your sign up from this link. It’s no big deal to me if you do or don’t.]

You should get lots of truly free email addresses with your webpage service provider.

Use your domain email to prevent “lock in” to your ISP and (more importantly) “lock out” from your employer’s email should you get fired or quit.

MONEY: Old-age security is far too important to be left in the hands of the state.

Old-age Security Without the State
By Oskari Juurikkala
Posted on 3/22/2007

***Begin Quote***

A better solution is to get the state out of old-age security. The trouble is that many people cannot imagine old-age security without the state. This is particularly the case in continental Europe, where few people have private pension plans. To their minds, abolishing existing social security schemes implies millions of people starving to death or freezing out in the cold.

***End Quote***

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we have with a gooferment system.

People are starving, dying, and unhappy. It’s caused by the gooferment’s intrusion into all facets of our lives. Its taxes, its inflation, and its “insurance” has boxed people into a “prison”. You had those famous tv commercials of “Thelma and Louise” deciding to eat or pay the power bill. The FDA prevents the marketplace from delivering life saving and savings to the consumer to benefit the gooferment, its bureaucrats, and its friends in the big drug companies. It’s “insurance” prevents people from saving their own money, earning after retirement, or passing along the fruits of their labor to their posterity.

The private solutions — family, financial markets, mutual aid societies, charities, and work — are all destroyed by gooferment. The gooferment manipulates us by: taxes, inflation, “laws”, regs, diktats, “insurance”, and propaganda.

Until we shake them off, we’ll never have a truly SECURE retirement in America.

LIBERTY: More gooferment snooping

Network World’s Unified Communications Newsletter, 03/22/07
Spying on your e-mail
By Michael Osterman

***Begin Quote***

About two weeks ago, the Swedish government announced a proposal that would allow its National Defense Radio Establishment to search for content in international e-mail that entered or exited the country. The proposal, if enacted, would also allow the Swedish government to search through telephone communications, as well.

***End Quote***

Encryption anyone?

JOBSEARCH: JIBBERJOBBER credits me for a feature

Know What We Do Around Here All Day?
March 22nd, 2007

***Begin Quote***

Well… we’re not quite sure! :) But one thing we have as a top priority is making things better for you. That’s why you see improvements in JibberJobber on a regular basis. A couple of days ago we slipped some new features in and we wanted to make sure you knew about it. They may seem trivial (we have a huge – HUGE enhancement coming out in April/May) but they are nice “finishing touches” for you.


Thing 3 – plays nice with TinyURL

At the bottom of the Add Network Contact page we have “services” … this is where you can say someone’s instant messenger is MSN (or IM), and their handle is Or their Skype ID is hounddog. Or their Yahoo handle for chatting is

Big thanks to John Reinke (who has a really, really good blog) for suggesting we add the ability to put in a TinyURL.

***End Quote***

Jason Alba has been listening to me whine about what I think a “seeker’s pim” should have. He generously credits me for his design of TINYURL and URL displaying. He’s very kind. I just told him what I didn’t like; he and his team incorporated that feedback. It’s a pleasure to have my whine be more than just a whine. All to often, it’s like the wolf baying at the moon. I guess the wolf feels better. But it doesn’t make the moon run away.

ALUMNI: Control of educational institutions

A Donor with Backbone
By Walter E. Williams
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

***Begin Quote***

Some colleges have brazenly violated donor intent. Princeton University has been taken to court by the Robertson family for misuse of $207 million of a gift estimated at $700 million in today’s prices. Because they violated donor intent, Boston College, USC, UCLA, Harvard and Yale have been forced to return multimillion-dollar gifts. It’s high time that donors large and small summon some of Mr. McGlothlin’s courage and hold colleges accountable to standards of decency and honesty.

***End Quote***

I like how Professor Williams cuts to the center.

When we give money, as opposed to when we have it stolen via taxes from us, we have a moral obligation to “first, do no harm”. When we don’t supervise the donation’s use, we become complicit it the abuse.

The fact that these “schools” are really pseudo gooferment entities makes it even harder to control their behavior.

If they were truly private free market entities, the their “customers” could discipline them.