RANT: Lincoln wasnt the worst, but close!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008



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Did that title get your attention? If so then the campaign to put secularist posters on the sides of British buses may achieve its intended result. But I think the posters miss the mark. The problem is not with God; the problem is with parochial ideas of God. That’s what Abraham Lincoln had to say in his Second Inaugural Address (reprinted below). It is also what I understand to be the true nature of here, now, and forever. God is no Judge; God is Understanding.

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People love to find someone or something to blame. It’s called scapegoating, and we do it to God just as much as we do it to other people and things. But I stand with Lincoln. There are no simple answers as to who or what is to blame. There are no good guys or bad guys; there are only people who are seeking to meet their needs as best they know how. We can respect each other for that and, if we choose to do so, we can learn to understand the Understanding that what would make life more wonderful for us all.

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I like the “Provisions” as thought-provoking.

Unfortunately, citing Lincoln, throws me into a tizzy.

I am from the school of thought that the Second American Revolution, aka what the winners call the “Civil War”, aka what the losers call the “Wr of Northern Aggression”, was about taxes. Not slavery.

The Industrial North wanted to prosper at the expense of the Agrarian South.

Lincoln was not the heroic figure portrayed by the media as “freeing the slaves”. He was a venial politician that was in the pockets of the railroads. He had no interest in slavery, except as it appealed to his base.

The world, for the most part, eliminated slavery peacefully.

He waged war on the civilian population, which up to that point was unheard of.

The vaunted Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves in the areas he didn’t control. What happened to the ones in areas he did control.

No, a poor example distracts me from the point of the Provision, i.e., our mistaken notion of God.

AND, Lincoln converted the “United States of America” into the empire of the USA. The States forever were lost in terms of a check on the power of the Federal Government.

In the pantheon of Presidents, Lincoln has to rank at the bottom, or close to it.

His competition for the bottom might be FDR for removing us from the Gold Standard, or Truman for Hiroshima / Nagasaki.

Upon reflection, Lincoln gets nudged out by Wilson. He campaigned on “Peace” and immediately got us into WW1. WW1’s “peace settlement” led to WW2. And, Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act which created the exact thing that Andrew Jackson killed. An engine of debt and inflation.

Sigh, please give us more ineffective and merely corrupt politicians. The “idealists” kill us and Liberty.

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POLITICAL: Corporations don’t pay taxes; people do. Zero the Corporate Tax Rate!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


First Presidential Debate Fact Check: Obama and McCain’s Economic Claims
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The first 2008 Presidential Debate saw both Senators Obama and McCain defend their economic proposals and attack the other’s plan. Facts, figures and statistics were flying back in forth during the exchange so fast it was difficult to keep up. So after the debate I watched the replay and read the transcript to pick out the economic claims made by both Presidential candidates. In this article, we’ll look at their claims to determine whether they are rock solid true (earning a score of 1), true but with a lot of spin (earning a score 2) or flat out, nose-growing false (earning a score of 3).

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Excellent job on fact checking. Calm and reasoned. Apparently fair.

I have no “dog” in this fight. I’m a little L libertarian. Don’t care much for either candidate.

I would like to comment on “Corporate Income Tax”.

It’s a sham designed to deceive the folks as to what is the overall level of taxation that Americans pay.


As a “frugal” site, I read often, I think you’d hammer this home.

Corporations are very much like a zero sum game. If they have a cost, they pass it along to the person who buys their product or services. If it’s a widget with a pound of steel in it, your paying for that pound. Price of steel goes up, the corporation marks up the price of their product. Simple enough. If they didn’t they’d go broke.

When the gooferment imposes taxes on Corporations, that’s just another cost that the business pass along to you. EXCEPT now you can’t see it. You don’t know what portion of the cost of a loaf of bread is taxes and what portion is bread.

It gets worse, regulations and laws add costs. They come to you hidden in the cost of the products.

It gets even worse, when the gooferment taxes a product that corporations use to make or deliver other products (e.g., gasoline), that tax is a tax on taxes. And is passed along and even buried further. It has an exponential effect!

I’ve seen estimates that the real tax percentage in products is HUGE! 50 to 75%!! I don’t think anyone can tell. AND that’s excatly the politicians purpose.

Bottom line: Corporate taxes imho should be ZERO!

Let’s put the cost of gooferment squarely out in the open! These bozos are no fools. There’s a reason that Tax Day is a half a year away from election day. That reason is that they couldn’t get it any further away.

So, when either candidate talks about corporate taxes, regulation, and fees, I think they are, possibly unknowingly (But I don’t beleive that) DEFRAUDING us from know the true cost of how badly we are being ROBBED!

sigh, imho,
wake up sheeple,

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