JOBSEARCH: Insource and outsource seem to be an unfair labor practice

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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gManZboy writes “GM’s new CIO Randy Mott plans to bring nearly all IT work in-house as one piece of a sweeping IT overhaul. It’s a high-risk strategy that’s similar to what Mott drove at Hewlett-Packard. Today, about 90% of GM’s IT services, from running data centers to writing applications, are provided by outsourcing companies such as HP/EDS, IBM, Capgemini, and Wipro, and only 10% are done by GM employees. Mott plans to flip those percentages in about three years–to 90% GM staff, 10% outsourcers. This will require a hiring binge. Mott’s larger IT transformation plan doesn’t emphasize budget cuts but centers on delivering more value from IT, much faster–at a time when the world’s No. 2 automaker (Toyota is now No. 1) is still climbing out of bankruptcy protection and a $50 billion government bailout.”

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So, let’s understand this. The Gooferment bailed out GM and all the people who work in the outsourcing companies will now be disrupted. Argh! These disruptions — both when companies “outsource” and when they “insource” — just whipsaw the people. 

Time for a complete rethink.

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RANT: Where else is Tim Bishop going to land a job that pays $174,000 a year with his resume?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tim Bishop’s Phone Center Folly
by Bill O’Connell on December 27, 2011

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So Tim Bishop looks out for Tim Bishop first, Nancy Pelosi second, and if he can help his constitutents cut through some bureaucratic red tape, cut through it but not eliminiate it, he will do so. But he needs something, anything, to take the voters eyes off his dismal record in Congress, so let’s try another new twist on outsourcing, whether it is germane to his constituents or not. After all, where else is Tim Bishop going to land a job that pays $174,000 a year with his resume?

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The last line is a great point.

How would any of these people “land a job that pays $174,000 a year with” that “resume”.


These folks would be in the trash can faster than a resume with a typo in the headline.

Let’s insist that the candidates produce a resume.

What are they going to put on it?

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Interviewer: “Now, Mister or Ms. Jones, you’re applying reappointment to the job as Legislator. So, what did you accomplish since your last reappointment?”

Legislator: “Well, not much, but it wasn’t my fault.”

Interviewer: “So, you got nothing done? Incompetent or lazy?”

Legislator: “It was the other party that wouldn’t cooperate.”

Interviewer: “So, you couldn’t persuade them to do what you felt needed to be done?”

Legislator: “It wasn’t my fault.”

Interviewer: “Well that is too bad. But, we have to focus on results. I’m sure that Burger King needs people of your caliber.”

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This goes for both the D’s and the R’s

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