TECHNOLOGY: Will the developers please consider old people using their stuff?

I, as with many other people, act as “tech support” for our older friends and relatives.

Will the developers please consider this when they push products to the marketplace.

I like tech products to have a “supervisory mode” that his all the “dangerous” functions from the old, and young, users.

Just like enterprises do to their employees with varying degrees of success.

Phones, chromebooks, and computers are my current hot buttons, but as more devices like TVs and streaming sticks become “configurable”, they have the same problem with “fat fingers”.



MEMORIES: Growlers

In my never ending quest to rediscover the old dives of my childhood — yes, I frequented bars in my high school days; one of the advantages of working real jobs with real men — was the discovery of quaint places that were friendly and welcoming.

Unlike today, where it’s a gooferment regulated expensive hustle.

Beer in high school was 20 cents; 10 cents if you had id. It was as cheap as soda. The bars then would turn a blind eye to age. And you’d get bounced forever if you were “rude”. BUt I digress. When I went into my regular place, the regular tender made a big deal of proofing me. Wonder how he knew? And I got the “legal” price.

But I digress.

I happened to try the “Mad Fox Brewing Company” in Fairfax for “dinner”.

And, incomes a patron buying a ‘growler’ of beer.

Boy, did that bring back old memories.

My father-in-law didn’t care for canned or bottled beer; said it gave him gas. So every night, and I mean every night after the family dinner, he go downstairs to the tavern with his ceramic / metal container. I was informed is was a “growler”. Conveniently, the tavern was located next door to the apartments. A while later, he’d return with a growler full of draft beer.

When the growler was “dirty”. (It had to be cleaned and seasoned. Never learned what all that was.) He’d get cardboard ones. But they deteriorated quickly.

SO, any way, as much as I try to escape the past, it seems to haunt me.

Girls basketball on TV too.

Just in case I might forget.