POLITICAL: Secret Courts and our present Grand Jury system


Saturday, August 30, 2014
American Justice and Star Chamber Proceedings. It’s Time to Reform or Scrap The Grand Jury System!

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If you’re accused in an indictment of a crime of course you may still be acquitted at trial. The problem is by the time you are tried in the one to three years later you will be bankrupted, fired from your job, divorced and homeless.

Except in Florida there is no government compensation for your legal fees or bail.

The cure? Eliminate the Grand Jury and use Preliminary Hearings as a sort of a mini-trial. Allow the defense attorneys to subpoena documents an hear the actual witnesses testify under oath.
If we are to retain the Grand Jury system, defense lawyers must be allowed to participate as an equal to the prosecutor.

Secret Courts and our present Grand Jury system are un-American and just plain wrong.

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The older I get, the more skeptical I am of political institution in the USA.

The Jewel case, the Innocent Project, the Duke lacrosse case, US Bishops Protecting Pedophile Priests, Healthcare frauds, Political lies, Crony Capitalism … … and on and on.

I don’t see how “The Sheeple” ever get their Liberty. I was tempted to say back, but I’m not sure that anyone has ever been truly free.

Maybe in the Garden of Eden?


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POLITICAL: A license to sell food?


Government Creates a New Criminal Class
by Jeffrey Tucker.

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Woo-hoo! It is a wonderful thing when the good guys win one for a change. Well, it wasn’t a total win, but it gives hope.

In a case brought by the Wisconsin state government — with full cooperation from the federal government — a jury refused to convict Amish farmer Vernon Hershberger on all counts for distributing milk, cheese, and meat without a license. He did he end up with one conviction, for which he faces a year in jail, but that’s nothing compared with what might have happened.

Now, there are still many people who would read the above and say: Wait just a minute here. You mean to tell me that a farmer was hounded by bureaucrats for selling his own food to others who wanted to buy it?

Indeed. His farm was raided in 2010, and much of his milk and cheese was destroyed by the police. The conviction was based on Vernon’s desire to fulfill his commitments and distribute what remained.

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A willing buyer from a willing seller?

Why is that the Gooferment’s business to interfere?


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