INNOVATION: Why can’t air tags be put in a shoe?

I wonder when someone in the shoe business gets the bright idea to enable shoes for children and mentally disabled adults to have an Apple Air Tag or Tile Tracker to be inserted?  Then when someone goes missing, they can be quickly found.  Seems like an easy design change.  I was thinking about cutting the heel of a sneaker, hollowing out “cave”, putting an Air Tag in, and the epoxy the cut.  I was concerned that it might make the shoe uncomfortable.  I’m going to wait for him to outgrow his current pair and has a new pair ready to put into service. Then do a human factors test,  Laugh!


Found an interesting report of doing this exact idea.


RANT: Sounds like there should be a long pause to let the truth about mRNA vaccines emerge

Dr.Byram W. Bridle, a hero of mines, a friend and colleague out of Canada: “A Moratorium on mRNA ‘Vaccines’ is Needed”, I am saying URGENT, I am saying clearly, a STOP, now! None in Children EVER!  I share this substack from him for he deserves to be heard, he is brilliant and like me, our families were harassed and even stalked, our lives threatened and family’s, often by University faculty

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I repeat, we are seeing a 40% spike in deaths (excess mortality) in the 18-64 year age group and 82% excess deaths in 25-44 year age group in the last quarter…we have to take a serious look at this and understand that these are tracking back to the vaccine. Not COVID.

IMO, these injections, these mRNA lipid nano particle injections must be stopped now and should have never ever been brought. It is time to end this, they have been shown to be ineffective and not safe.

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Don’t “TL;DR”. It’s a long hard read, but it certainly asks some interesting questions. It was a profitable “experiment” for Big Pharma and all its toadies. Unfortunately, “We, The Sheeple” don’t know how it works out for us lab rats. Bottom line: I’m not “boosting” and I wouldn’t believe anything anyone says for a long long time. YMMV FWIW Crazy 


INTERESTING: Let kids loose

“Don’t let children win.”

Here is ONE big difference between Frau Reinke and I. (Which we discussed, until I was dismissed with: “Having none, you’re an expert”!)

I would NEVER ever let any child win. When they won, they knew they had beat me fair and square.

Sorry, but I never ought into self-esteem .

Laff, I’d give anything to have that debate again.

I’ll leave it to the children to comment about it.


SOFTWARE: Peanut Butter PC; better than nothing?

Peanut Butter PC: Trying to keep kids safe

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Bottom line

In summary, although Peanut Butter PC as a product offers a good idea for making the computer safe for kids, some youngsters with more crafty hacking smarts could get around the confines of the custom desktop and back into the cruel, unprotected world of regular Windows. Although this application serves as a decent roadblock for some that aren’t familiar with computers, it cannot be considered a replacement to parental supervision. It is always important to monitor your child’s usage of the machine, just in case someone does end up finding a way around the fence. At the price of $24.95, it might be worth considering after you give the software a test run via Peanut Butter PC’s 15-day trial.

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Putting computing power in the hands of children is at best a calculated risk.

Perhaps, by putting it in their hands earlier, with instruction, examples, and SUPERVISION, can make it safer for all involved.

If I had a family, I’d put OPENDNS in the family’s router. That’ll help.

Reviewing logs is a good way to get to sleep at night.

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FUN: A harmonica in Carnegie Hall.


Subject: Worth a listen

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A harmonica in Carnegie Hall.

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Agreed. Some talent; some lungs. No date? No name. Should show that to all the children to inspire them? Impressive.

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