VOCABULARY: ‘Typical Rykozhop’ is Russian for Rube Goldberg, or worse


30 Construction Solutions That Don’t Solve Problems, Only Create Them, As Shared By This Instagram Account (New Pics)
Jonas Grinevičius and Mindaugas Balčiauskas
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Many of us instinctively know whether a design is good and user-friendly or if it’s something clobbered together at the last minute without much thought for aesthetics, the future, or our poor artistic feelings. However, some home design ‘solutions’ are so problematic, they deserve to be named and shamed far and wide.

That’s where the Russian ‘Typical Rykozhop’ project on Instagram comes in. The account documents the most egregious design and construction decisions that would make any design major’s jaw drop (watch some of them faint, too!). Scroll down for the best of the truly worst (or is that the worst of the worst?) and upvote the design solutions that you simply love to hate, dear Pandas.

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It’s definitely pretty funny to this fat old white guy injineer.  In a few cases, it is hard to figure out what they were trying to accomplish.  And, in one, I was befuddled.

Reminds me when I was working on a new building for a Wall Street datacenter.  Some SVP gave the “baby” electrician aka union apprentice for some trivial thing.  I think the fellow parked in the guy’s “space”; there were no markings or assignments I was aware of.  When the Unions heard about this, they had had enough of the this guy and that was the straw that broke their back.  It wasn’t the first time he’d <past tense synonym for urine output> them off. So they took advantage of a blanket order to work any overtime needed to get the building done ahead of schedule, and that Saturday EVERY TRADE came in to work putting up doors.  They put EVERY DOOR in a nine story building in one day just as it was drawn on the plans by the architect and signed off by everyone in the chain of command.  That Sunday morning, when I came it and did my daily walk thru for site security with my supervisory team, I immediately recognized what had been done.  I got the dubious pleasure of calling my SVP telling him that “I thought” (I knew) EVERY DOOR was installed backward (i.e., the holes were on the hinge side).  Since these were ALL special fire doors, they have to be ordered and remade from scratch. The union’s chief steward suggested that they might want to ask a certain SVP about who could park where and ALL the trades called in sick on Monday.  One of the few times I ever saw the CEO, CFO, and a bunch of other Chiefs was that Monday morning at 7AM walking through the building.  By lunch time, that SVP was fired and, on Tuesday, the doors began to come down very very slowly.  The building was delayed two months.  And, we were all verbally informed don’t mess with the unions.  



ECONOMICS: 15$ minimum wage



Did the Fast Food Minimum Wage Strike Just Backfire?
September 8, 2014
By Matthew Burke

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TPNN radio host Tim Constantine of The Capitol Hill Show reports that the fast-food strikers have just shot themselves in the foot…big time.

“This company called Momentum Machines, has built a robot that could change the fast food industry forever,” announced Constantine. “The robot can slice toppings like tomatoes and pickles immediately before it places that slice onto your burger, so you get the freshest burger possible.” he reported following the Astroturf strikes organized by big labor unions and not necessarily even the workers of businesses like Burger King and McDonald’s.

“The robot is more consistent, more sanitary, and complains less, than your average worker,” Constantine explained.

“Here’s the kicker,” revealed Constantine: “The robot can produce 360 hamburgers per hour,” which equates to approximately one burger every ten seconds, much faster and efficiently than any human could.

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From an economic point of view, it’s a no brainer. 

Robot Burgger Makers are cheaper than “Human Resources”.

I’ve told the tale of AT&T and the Elevator Operators. http://wp.me/pg9z-2Eb

Those ladies were casualties of the Federal Minimum Wage diktat. I know one who never had the skills to get another job. Wonder who else that happened to?

Cui Bono?

So let’s look behind the scene as to why this ASTROTURF group is campaigning.

Clearly, the minimum wage burger flippers will be out of a job faster than you can say: “You want fries with that?”

Big Labor knows that a rise in the minimum wage will directly escalate the Union wage scale. And bureaucrats know that the Gooferment pay scales will all rise to “compete”. Big Unions knows bigger paychecks means bigger Union dues.

So once again, we find the roots of the “minimum wage problem”.

Now dare I say this is a racial or “Social Justice” issue. Not for it, but against it. What is the Black Youth Unemployment rate? Will increasing the minimum wage decrease that? Not likely! And, how is it justice to put people on the dole. 

Talk about “moral hazard”? It’s not even close. 


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