INTERESTING: Mama dolphin smack the leader of a human diving group?

Among the most compelling anecdotes suggesting that dolphins have concepts of ‘wrong’ behavior is Thomas White’s description of how a human snorkeler observing Atlantic spotted dolphins off the Bahamas went outside the bounds of the norms of behavior expected by the dolphins of human observers at that site. The swimmer approached a calf engaged in learning to fish with its mother, a no-no in the rules of engagement between swimmers and these dolphins built up over years. When this happened, the mother then swam not to the hapless trespasser but to the leader of the group of swimmers, whom she could identify, and tail-slapped, her displeasure apparently directed at the leader who had not controlled the behavior of those being led.

— Hal Whitehead and Luke Rendell, The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins, 2015

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Nearly human?  Maybe better than human.  The was some humans act in traffic, for sure.


JOBSEARCH: Branding versus UVP / USP

8 Tips for Managing Your Personal Brand
via Change This Manifesto Issues by Rodger Dean Duncan on 9/12/12

“Face it. For good or ill, you have a personal brand. In fact, in the eyes of others, you are your personal brand. Just like some retailers are known for great customer service and some airlines are known for lost luggage and surly gate agents, you are known for the your own combination of personality, behavior, and presence. It’s your brand.

If you come across as empathic and approachable, that’s part of your brand. If you sometimes miss deadlines and let other commitments slide, that’s part of your brand.

Your reputation is your brand. Your brand is your reputation. And it makes a world of difference in every relationship you have.”

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I like it. I told the students just the other day that they get a chance to create their own definition of themselves every day. It followed on a discussion of Esso picking the name Exxon because it meant nothing in any language so the firm could make its own definition of that combination of letters.

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While you can brand sand, I still don’t think you can brand people. As a matter of fact, I tell anyone who listens that if folks who spend all this time on “branding” spent as much time on their Unique Value Equations and Unique Sales Propositions, they’d be better served.

It’s all about — as far as human beings are concerned — about communicating “value”. UVP what do you give buyer and what do you retain for yourself and USP how do you communicate it.

Coke and Pepsi need branding; people can’t. Other than “burger flippers”, they are not interchangable.

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