TECHNOLOGY: Wyze or Eufy Cameras should be disconnected NOW!

Why Review Geek Can’t Recommend Wyze or eufy Cameras Anymore
Josh Hendrickson @canterrain
Dec 2, 2022, 1:24 pm EST | 8 min read

*** begin quote ***

But that’s not the same thing as recommending them to anyone else. No recommendation should start with, “this is a good option, but first, you should know some things.” And that would be a requirement. The only safe bet you can take is to not place security cameras in your home at all.

*** end quote ***

Wyze or Eufy Cameras should be disconnected NOW!

After you review the article, you may decide it’s worth the risk.

But I wouldn’t advise it, UNLESS you’re very confident in your risk / reward decision.

IMHO neither company has earned any trust.

In full disclosure, I don’t have ANY cameras operational or otherwise.


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