BIGOTRY: The national team captain Tyler Adams reply is worth readung

Tyler Adams’ reply to Iranian reporter is a victory for the U.S., too

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While U.S. soccer fans are celebrating a victory in the politically charged World Cup match against Iran, all Americans should rejoice in national team captain Tyler Adams.

Adams’ classy answer to a pointed lecture from an Iranian reporter during a pre-match press conference signals the difference between a democracy and an authoritarian regime.

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His response is worth reprinting at length.

“My apologies for the mispronunciation of your country. That being said, there’s discrimination everywhere you go,” said Adams, who also plays professional soccer in Europe. “One thing that I’ve learned, especially from living abroad in the past years and having to fit in in different cultures, is that in the U.S., we’re continuing to make progress every single day.”

Adams then mentioned his racial background. “I grew up in a white family with obviously an African American heritage and background as well, so I had a little bit of different cultures and I was very easily able to assimilate in different cultures,” he said. “Not everyone has that ease and the ability to do that. And obviously it takes the longest to understand. And through education, I think it’s super important — like you just educated me now on the pronunciation of your country.”

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What classy guy.  He articulated what I feel.  The USA isn’t perfect by a long shot but we seem to be making progress everyday.



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