INTERESTING: Never underestimate “Mother Nature”!

A new tundra, engineered by beavers
Once nonexistent in northwest Alaska, beavers are both benefiting from and changing a warming tundra.
Kylie Mohr Feb. 17, 2022

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Selawik, about 80 miles to the east, is a beaver hotspot, too, and some are upset that the animals are blocking hunting access by boat. “Elders said to start getting rid of the beavers, but nobody listened, and now it’s overpopulated,” said Ralph Ramoth Jr. (Inupiaq), a subsistence hunter who also works for the local airport and his town’s road, water and sewer department. Lodges up to 15 feet tall make navigating sloughs to hunt moose on the periphery challenging. “You can’t even go some places now with a boat, because it’s dammed up,” Ramoth said. Sometimes he tries to chip away at beavers’ handiwork, with little success. “If you tear up part of a dam or a beaver igloo, they’ll come right back and fix it up again,” he said. “They’re just busy beavers.” 

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Nature abhors a vacuum?  Of course, the critters are going to expand and fill up any suitable range. And, there’s not a lot us humans can do. 

Aren’t we sort of like those beavers and expanding our “range” across the globe and eventurally the known universe?

Don’t some “greenies” view humans as the scourge of Mother Earth?

I’d be willing to be if that class of human parasites called Gooferment didn’t keep us down and monopolize “space travel” by force, humans would all ready be living on all the planets of “our” solar system.  And be pushing the boundaries of space exploration to the far away stars.

Watch out aliens — if there are such — I think there’s a good chance there are — we coming for you.  It’s our “manifest destiny”.

“Be fruitful and multiply is NOT just a Bible verse.  It’s in our DNA.

Ad Astra.  

As well as a bunch of other mottos — ad astra per aspera, etc. etc.  And my personal favorite — ad astra per alas porci!


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